Credentials, credentials, credentials.


Like haveibeenpwned.com but for devices.

Millions of Connection Attempts

Over 26 million connection attempts have been made to the 3 honeypots.

Over 9 million login attempts have occured on Telnet and SSH ports.

Over 9 million connection attempts have targeted VNC.

And 9 million attempts have been made to get data from the fake MSSQL stack.

All your passwords are belong to us

The evidence gathered by the honeypots confirms that threat actors have compute power leveraged to grow botnets via the simplest vector - unchanged credentials.

Bring out the Bots...

Most of the Internet scanning and probing is automated, done by machines.  Looking for more machines to join the botnet.

Will your device be one of them?

The Tyranny of the Default

Many hosts and devices are implemented without changing the passwords the equipment was delivered with.


This default is what attackers seek to find on the Internet.


They May Steal Your Files

Steal.  Encrypt.  I am sure there is a story about that....!



Will I Get Pwned?


With a device open to the Internet with SSH, Telnet or VNC ports exposed - Yes!